E. J. Montgomery

E.J. Montgomery 

E.J. Montgomery entered the museum field in 1967 serving as an independent curator to museums, university galleries, community galleries and art centers where she organized over 150 exhibitions. She moved to Washington, DC in 1980. In 1983 she became a Program Development Officer, specializing in American exhibitions touring abroad through the former U.S. Information Agency, Arts America Program. Since 1983 she has coordinated the development and tours for 50 exhibitions to major museums throughout the world and four American exhibitions presented at international biennials.

As an activist in the arts she participates in the American Museums Association, The College Art Association, American Craft Council, National Conference of Artists, and several local artist groups. She is widely known and has served on several art publications and art organization and advisory boards.

Ms. Montgomery is also an active studio artist working in prints, metals, fiber and photography with recent solo shows in Washington, D.C., Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston and New Orleans. A New York City native, Evangeline J. Montgomery has a long history as both an artist and arts administrator.

According to Nkiru Nzegwu, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Art History, Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York, "Montgomery's "Configurations of Memory" represents treasured experiences of memorable times and places. Translated into abstract idiom, the memories assume a complex visual quality. For many years, EJ Montgomery has explored the role of memory and memorials in fashioning human history and identity. The present exploration dramatically portrays the configuration and coding-process of memory. Within its cavernous recesses, the mind preserves innumerable data by inscribing and scrawling on the highly sensitive memory template." Montgomery's inspiration for the series was her memories of Californian and African landscapes.

Montgomery's works are in the Los Angeles Board of Education (Los Angeles, CA), The Oakland Museum (Oakland, CA) and The Museum of the National Center for African American Artists (Boston, MA) collections. Her recent group exhibitions include the Washenaw Community College Art Gallery (Ann Arbor, MI), Stella Jones Gallery (New Orleans, LA), National Conference of Artists Gallery (Detroit, MI) and Schomburg Research Center Art Gallery (New York, NY). Montgomery's solo exhibits include the Brandywine Workshop Printed Image Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), Anderson Gallery (Pontiac, MI), Hampton Institute Museum (Hampton, VA) and DePauw University Art Gallery (Greencastle, IN).

Artist Statement

For many years I have explored the role of memory and memorials in fashioning human history and identity in my art. My present artistic explorations dramatically portray the configurations and coding processes of memory. The finished works are represented as metal ancestral boxes, mixed-media fiber sculptures, paintings, prints or photographs. Generally they are representative of memory as a template in which the mind stores cherished experiences of places and events. Within its cavernous recesses, the mind processes innumerable data by inscribing and scrawling on highly sensitive memory templates. Through evocative automatic writing the calligraphic marks and strokes of swirling lines, overlays of materials, colors and textures evoke the soberness recesses of the mind. The painterly textured or scratched surface compositions relate to atmospheric conditions and naturalistic formations in nature.